Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Transplanting

Sapphire For Hair Transplanting

As the medical technology improves, new methods in hair transplanting are also introduced. As the methods develop, so as the devices used for these methods change too. In today’s medical world, the most common method for hair transplanting is accepted as FUE method and it also helps to get new sapphire pointed devices to be improved.

In this Sapphire Percutaneous Method, graft collecting method is applied like it is done in the FUE method. The only difference is that the special device used in this method has blades made of sapphire, which is a world famous valuable mine, and this element helps the scars of the canals recover faster. The device is also preferable as it makes it possible to have denser canals and leaves no scar marks.


The advantages of Sapphire edged blades over Metal slite ( the device which is used for classic FUE method)

-Sapphire edged blades makes it easier to get more densely created canals for transplantation.

-More natural look is possible as more graft can be used in canals.

-Less dropsy or oedema is expected after the operation

-The recovery period is twice as fast as the classic method.