Eyebrow Transplanting 

Eyebrows are among the most characteristic parts of any human face. Eyebrow-loss, regardless of the age, may be a common problem that many people encounter in societies. You can get the most natural and most permanent solution by eyebrow planting operation. Likewise in the hair transplanting operation, hairs are taken from the backhead part for eyebrow transplanting.

Reasons of Eyebrow Loss

  • Permanent eyebrow make-up
  • Imbalanced and inadequate nutrition
  • Lack of thyroid
  • Ringworm
  • Any harms or injuries
    Some medications



How is the Eyebrow Transplanting Done?

After the decision eyebrow transplanting, preparations for the position and style of the eyebrows is done. Patient’s demands, like having thin or thick eyebrows are determined. The operation lasts for 2-3 hours. With the help of the local anesthesic medications, eyebrow area, where the planting will be done, is benumbed. The appropriate hairs, which are compatible with the natural eyebrows of the patient, are taken from the donor area(back of the head). With in minimum period these roots are planted in the target area by using the appropriate size needles. As everybody knows, planting angle has a vital importance in eyebrow planting. Because the angle should be different from the hair transplanting angle. Methods to be used may vary depending on the amount of the eyebrow loss and the reason of this loss.FUE method is highly satisfying in this area.

Before Eyebrow Transplanting

Before the eyebrow transplanting done, our expertised staff member Zelal Sağlam examines the eyebrow of the patient and determines the best style in terms of face and angle. It is very important to consult an expert since eyebrow transplanting is much more profound and detailed application compared to hair transplanting. Eyebrows should be related to the hair density of the person, as well as arranging the correct angled and natural looking eyebrow hairs grow is crucial.


After the Eyebrow Transplanting

Within 3 months, roots having been planted start to grow. After these months, like other transplanting processes, a certain amount of eyebrow loss may appear as a normal reaction. Having completely natural looking eyebrows may take up to 7- 9 months.  Unlike other methods, there is no need to repeat the eyebrow transplanting session and it is an absolutely natural process.


Eyebrow Transplanting on Scar and Burn Marks


For some patients of ours,there may be scar or burn marks due to accidents on the eyebrow. Eyebrow transplanting is possible also for situations like these.