Beard and Moustache Transplanting

Beard and moustache is a part of the facial aesthetic look for men. They are like the make up on men’s face. Most men grow beard and moustache in some periods of their lives. As the diversity of the beard trimming styles increases, beard and moustache have become even more important for men. However some men may not have the exact beard or moustache that they desire. Some men may have beard or moustache loss due to certain reasons.

As a result of beard or moustache loss, which may be due to genetical reasons, traumas, burns, infections, accidents or many other causes, beard or moustache transplanting has become a popular application. The method used for beard and moustache transplanting is quite similar to that of hair transplanting.


How is Beard and Moustache Transplanting Done?

Approximately 1000 to 3500 roots may be planted in a beard or moustache transplanting. If the beard or moustache loss is regional, the density of the current beard or moustache is taken into account so that it looks natural. Besides, it is possible to make the operations on scar, burn ot stitch marks.

Like the way it is done in hair transplanting, the roots taken with the help of the micro-engine devices from the back of the head are planted to the target beard or moustache area.